The Mythryn Gambit

Beneath Pongo Plateau

Minecart Madness

Upon taking the treasure from the chest, Flingen asked Hunter where to go. Hunter decided that the party should check the most convenient door to them, and they all headed for the door on their own side. Flingen snuck into the next room to find it plastered with clear slime. He found his way to a door, but it was sealed by an over-shell. Alfonso and the others entered the room to help, and they managed to pry open the shell while Flingen began to pick the lock underneath. However, as he did this, two gobs of gunk fell from the ceiling and formed into Ochre Jellies. Meanwhile, the walls came alive with blades, swinging back and forth across the room at random times. After taking heavy damage, the group finally managed to subdue the room’s traps and enter the door. Ahead was a corridor that faded into darkness. Alfonso entered first, but found himself down a path bending left. A door slammed behind him, forcing the next PC to go right. Xhaian volunteered and strode forth, being warped right. Left opened up again, and Flingen followed Alfonso. Finally, Hunter, seeing the rest of his party safely through, entered the right. Flingen and Alfonso found themselves at another part of the dungeon, witnessing a bizarre ritual through a cracked door. Flingen threw Alfonso into the middle of the room, and the Paladin put his intimidation to the test. He commanded the goblins to fight each other; the winner would be his champion. Scared witless, the goblins tore each other apart. The winner knelt at Alfonso’s feet, but Alfonso merely swiped his head off, unfazed or even amused by the violence. Upon forcing open the next door, the two PCs faced an acid pit and a ledge too far and high up out to be jumped to. Looking around they found Wavestrider boots. Flingen wore these magical boots, and carrying Alfonso, he ran across the acid and jumped to the ledge, pulling himself and the gnome up. They burst through the next door, only to find Iron Defenders growling at them.

Meanwhile, Xhaian and Hunter faced two goblin skirmishers in a narrow hallway. Hunter’s commanding presence and Xhaian’s mobility proved the better of the two teams, and the goblins fell after a short fight. Passing through the now-unlocked door (by way of the goblin’s key), the two saw a wrecked mine cart and a track leading to a mine cart shaft. Lifting the over-turned cart, Hunter found treasure and provisions that enabled Xhaian to begin fixing the cart. When they finished, they lifted it onto the tracks and jumped in, bracing for impact. They rode into the shaft, but soon, a block along the tracks hit and stopped the cart in a nearby room. Ahead they saw Flingen and Alfonso fighting the Iron Defenders, and they leapt out to help, dropping the dogs quickly. Finding the key within the Iron Defenders, the PCs disengaged the block of the mine cart, and the cart began to roll forward. The PCs leapt in, and the cart dropped stories into a shaft, gaining speed. Just when the track looked like it ended, an apparatus latched onto the cart from the top, guiding it like a high-speed, unstable monorail. The diverted Urdonn Waterway roared underneath them, suggesting a watery grave if one were to fall. Using teleportation, acrobatics, and most of all endurance, the group was able to stay in the cart… until a rock smashed into the right support of the monorail, sending the cart into a reckless corkscrew. Hunter was able to hold the broken cart together through sheer endurance, despite corkscrews, rock pillars, and boulders that threatened to throw them all to their doom. Meanwhile, Alfonso, Flingen, and Xiang feverishly created a makeshift support out of a grappling hook, rope, and sheer ingenuity. In the end, the mine cart shot straight up and into a dead, crashing at the point of arrival, and killing portions of a Kruthik infestation. The winded PCs fought their way through the legion of Kobold Dragonshields and Kruthiks. Flingen dexterously eliminated a commander by leaping out of the crashing cart and using the momentum to attack. He then set up a riposte strike, ducked out of the way of a spear, and cut the soldier down. It took the group roughly ten seconds to eliminate the kobolds and insects without incident.



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