The Mythryn Gambit

Beneath Pongo Plateau II

The Year of Chromatic Resurgence

After taking a while to rest from the recent string of encounters, the adventurers attempted to move the smashed mine cart away from a reinforced door. Upon doing so, they entered a room of three pipes, funneling the raging waters of the Urdonn Waterway upward. Xhaian peered around one of the far pipes only to find a greataxe hurtling toward his face. As he ducked out of the way, he noticed that other orcs seemed to jump out of the walls. They were camoflauged! In the chaos of the fight, one of the pipes was cracked, and water began spewing out. The doors snapped shut, locked. The room was beginning to flood. Flingen began desperately working on the door, but could not keep his concentration. Suddenly, Alfonso got an idea, thrusting a halberd into the pipe, shattering a space. He told Hunter to bash it open a bit so they could ride the pressure through the pipes. As the room filled with water, Hunter didn’t flinch. He didn’t need to breathe, and so he promised to help the others. As the room completely submerged, all of the PCs had slipped into the pressurized chamber.

The pipe itself proved an obstacle. It bashed around the PCs, blasting water and rocks as they ricocheted off the sides. Finally, the pipe filtered out into a giant water tank, slowly draining through cracks in the floor. A continuous downward current accosted the PCs, and holding their breath, they attempted to swim to the top. Hunter, swimming impeccably well, easily provided aid to those in need. As they neared the top, roughly up 100 feet, Xhaian was particularly having trouble holding his breath. Flingen reached the top first with Alfonso in his backpack. Hunter reached it next, but Xhaian became caught in the current. If not for the other three PCs, Xhaian would have drowned.

After recovering from that near-tragedy, Flingen smashed into the next room, surprising a pair of Goblin Skullcleavers. The adventurers ran into the room, quickly eliminating the threats. As they did, however, the doors shut and locked. Four magic crossbow turrets dropped from the ceiling and began peppering the hall with arrows. Alfonso leapt to a corner and pulled out his tombstone, using it as an oversized shield. Flingen, too, leapt behind it, finding a control panel in the narrow hallway. As he worked on it, Alfonso attempted to block all incoming arrows. Hunter barely went head-to-head with a turret, reducing it to rubble. Meanwhile, Xhaian warped around defending himself. In the end, it came down to one wire; would Flingen choose the purple wire or the cyan? Taking a deep breath, he cut the purple wire. Explosions rocked the hall, but fortunately, they came from the turrets as they fell useless to the floor.

Using a key from one of the Skullcleavers, Alfonso unlocked the door and smashed it off its hinges. He jumped into the next room, finding a great pile of treasure. It was becoming late, so the adventurers decided to sleep. Upon waking the next day, they immediately went to work. There didn’t seem to be another doorway in this room, but there were two cranks in the far corners. Upon turning them at the same time, they found that the room could go up or down like an elevator. Moving the room up, they found a small dint in the wall. After smashing it, they found a shimmering door engraved with a symbol of Bahamut behind it. Flingen entered the door cautiously, walking into a narrow corridor, richly carved to tell a story in hieroglyphics. There was a squabble between Alfonso and Xhaian as Flingen entered. Alfonso attempted to disfigure the holy symbol of Bahamut, but Xhaian, a patron of the Platinum Dragon, stopped him. As Xhaian entered the corridor, Alfonso secretly desecrated it anyway. Upon the walls told a tale of the Dragons Wars, Xhaian interpreted. No dragons had ever been viewed in this renewal, and it seemed that they just seemed to appear one day. Seeing a large, locked door at the end of the path, Flingen prepared his thieves tools. However, as he picked the lock, a blast came from the door, propelling Flingen across the chamber. Xhaian examined the door, but could find nothing wrong; therefore, he prayed to Bahamut to guide him. As he did, two handprints appeared on the door. The eladrin reached for them and placed his hands on them. For a moment, it seemed as though his hands took on a clawed form, but it quickly became normal. The lock simply fell off the door.

They entered a colossal chamber half-submerged in water. Around the chamber, gallons of river water emptied into the lake. Platforms spanned only the close and far sides of the room, not the middle. Looking up, the PCs though they could see sunlight, but it was quickly covered by a cloud. Suddenly, the chamber boomed with a voice. “Throw off the curse of Bahamut, my child. Rise as the first of your kind in this age!” Black sparks fell like darkened snow from the cloud, seeping into the lake. As they did so, the water turned an opaque black. The room began to rumble, and in a pillar of water, a young black dragon burst out of the lake. “I am the harbinger of the chromatic dragons. Beware us, for we lay waste to all who stand in our way!” With that, energy gathered in his mouth, and toxic acid shot out, blanketing the adventurers. The fight was on!



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