Blue Balink

A Hero Fallen: The Betrayer of Brothers


Birth: 1169 TC

Death: 1192 TC, but raised: Currently Alive

Occupation: Wizard

The Wizard Blue Balink, the oldest of the Balink brothers, has not been alive for all of his natural life. You see, he was normal hero and part of the band of adventurers called the Balink Brothers. However, then he stepped between a bolt of lightning and Warforged Chieftain, in order to save his life. Blue was sprawled on the floor and died painfully.

Upon emerging into the world of the afterlife, Blue watched the Great Game being played, and madness overcame him. The Gods were not listening to individual people and attempting to help them. They were playing a game with others’ lives. Every since then, Blue’s soul was jaded with a hatred for the religious institution. Blue’s destiny was not to stay dead, however. His brothers straight away brought him back to life. Perhaps this was a mistake, but it was unavoidable, given that the brothers had not experienced the trauma Blue had sustained.

Blue’s madness, however, was not readily apparent. The wizard had a second chance at life, but he would never be the same. He watched and over time secured favors and other leverage over the course of his time. The Warforged swore a life debt to him, even going so far as to reprogram many if not all of the existing warforged to obey his commands. Various wizards and even simple countrymen offered their support and lives, thinking that Blue was a hero… and he was, but not through and through. He was waiting for his chance to strike.

And that chance came in the form of an accident. A dark black orb found its way into a wayward band of hobgoblins’ treasures, and Blue took it without a thought. The orb, however, spoke to him, and taught him new ways of arcana and paths to power. It assured Blue of his talent, offering to further his power tenfold. Blue only half-listened at first, but then the word ‘immortality’ came up.

“The Gods use you to play their game, but I know you,” the orb whispered. “Do not let them control you. With my secrets, you can become a player yourself… and win this game. Then you can do what you wish with this world!”

The last bit of restraint in Blue’s character broke, and he began studying darker forms of magic. His brothers were vaguely disquieted, particularly Green, but they said nothing, knowing Blue to be an efficient combatant. Finally, on the fifth pilgrimage to the Horizon Shrine, Blue saw his opportunity to begin gleaning power from the deities and rise to Godhood.

“The Horizon Shrine is a source of divine power. Take it for yourself and channel it!” the orb exclaimed. “Your brothers will only try to stop you. Show them the trauma you have witnessed, and perhaps they, too, will understand the greater scheme of things.”

And so, Blue arrived at the Horizon Shrine, and as the brothers slept, he opened up a portal into the elemental chaos, forming his very own lair with a thought focused through the orb. The brothers awoke and each tried to stop them, but Blue isolated them in different rooms. Without each other, the brothers resisted, but could not overcome Blue’s power. Each was slain, Red immolated by fire, Green torn to pieces, and Black crushed by stone in the Hall of Heroes.

Blue was changed. His allegiance was to the orb in his hand, who called himself Tharizdun, once called Imad. Using Tharizdun, Blue summoned undead to infest and poison the Horizon Shrine. He tattooed himself with dark ritual components, and proceeded to finish his month-long ritual. However, this ritual was interrupted by Hunter, Alfonso, Flingen, and Xhaian. Blue collapsed the Horizon Shrine… if he couldn’t have it, no one could. Limping out of the Shrine invisible, he vowed revenge on these foes.

“Capable foes, they are… but they are only substitutes. Perhaps I need to pay a visit to Rockridge…”

Blue Balink

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