Sgt. Davek Edgar

A gruff, sarcastic old warlord ready to win wars


Birth: 11896 TC

Death: N/A

Occupation: Warlord

Sgt. Edgar first trained Hunter when he was learning to become a warlord, but well before the warforged learned the craft of war, Davek was a valuable unit in the Pongorian Defense Platform. Under several circumstances, his shrewd leadership and acid tongue had saved the day, as was the case in several battles. Davek has seen a lot of battle, but never as ruthless as the current war in Urdonn.

With the routing of Pongo Plaza, Davek was transferred to the Kitan front in 12008 TC, preparing to defend the new city of Kitan once its Sun Shield fell. His tactical guidance will prove useful in the no doubt intense fight soon to hit Kitan City.

Sgt. Davek Edgar

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