Peter Gravekeeper

The deceased father of Alfonso, serious as the grave.


Birth: 1154 TC

Death: 1200 TC

Occupation: Gravekeeper

Peter was a long-time resident in [[Kitan City]], back when the thriving commerce center was a mere village. Though he was rather antisocial, he was an astute learner, studying each of the townsfolk in turn. He never put off his work, depressing as it was. Peter Gravekeeper was, of course, a gravekeeper. He never left his graveyard, even building a small hut to live in with his son Alfonso.

He always taught his son, “Your destiny is in this graveyard!” But his son never listened, choosing after his death to abandon the graveyard. Interestingly enough, in Alfonso’s travels, he visited the Hall of Heroes deep within the Horizon Shrine. Peter’s likeness was immortalized in one of the statues as a Great Guardian. Of what, it is indeterminate.

Peter Gravekeeper

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