Davek Springborn

A gruff but kind barkeep of the Salty Maiden in Canton Villa


Birth: 1100 TC

Death: N/A

It is not immediately apparent that this Davek is part of the Edgarian Dynasty, a dwarven lineage uninterrupted for a thousand years. However, due to his strange birth, he was given the surname Springborn. On the final day of winter in 1099 TC, in the last moment of the century, Davek’s mother went into labor and gave birth to twins, one of which entered the world in the last moments of winter and the other in the first moments of spring.

Seeming to mirror this, the brothers acted as if they were of two different dwarves altogether. Springborn pursued the Path of the Warrior while Winterborn followed the Path of the Wizard.

Davek the Springborn migrated to Canton Villa in Rauros after serving in the Giant Wars. Though he enjoyed the exercise and military action, he could not stand the senseless corruption in Rauros’ Government. He wandered for many years with his brother until they saw a lonely peak with a black-red pillar on top. Curious, the brothers wandered into the forest and were intercepted by guardian elves. It might have come to violence had not Davek’s brother known one of the eladrin commanders. As a result, the brothers were allowed to settle in the town at the base of the mountain. Springborn has left the village several times, and has even taken a wife and built a house in the outskirts of the forest. He currently runs the Salty Maiden Tavern in Canton Villa across the street from where his brother lives.

Davek Springborn

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