Zokishi is what one might understand to be the strong and silent type. But behind this seemingly brutish exterior lies a depth of compassion that is hardly ever seen.

While most Goliaths travel in large groups, Zokishi was left at a very young age on the island of Raintree. He raised himself and had nearly no interaction with the other inhabitants of the island. He learned to love nature, and had a strong desire to protect it. He knew no gods and never pondered concepts of morality, but always valued life as the greatest commodity.

In many ways Zokishi saw the world through the wonder of a child’s eyes for his entire life, until a formative moment as he reached adulthood. Zokishi witnessed the brutality of the island’s inhabitants against the first outsiders who had arrived there in many years. He saw them brutally murdered before his very eyes. In a fit of confusion and disorientation, the 7’ 4” tall Zokishi burst from the forest with his body and face covered by hide garments he had taught himself how to make. He (mostly unintentionally) killed nine of the ten islanders who were there; one was left to tell the tale. The inhabitants of the island had never seen a beast of this caliber before, they had heard of the Goliath, but took Zokishi for something much more foul.

It was for the next ten years that Zokishi lived on the island as a feared legend. Known only by the islanders as “Koca-man” or “Man of the wild” many stories were told about his insatiable hunger for the flesh and how he would eat any children who did not obey their parents. There were many supposed sightings of this beast, but a younger generation of islanders took his existence to be a complete and total scam.

Zokishi was, through all of this, living his life as he had for many years before, he was more mature, and more realistic about the world around him, but his lifestyle had not changed. The only real difference was that he was now acknowledged…and feared. He began to commune with nature in ways he never thought possible, he was unlocking his potential as a guardian of the natural forces as a Warden. Zokishi is convinced that the fact that he only ever spoke to the animals and plants around him for his entire youth and early adulthood allowed him to unlock this power.

We finally reach the current Zokishi in the Bandor region. As always, his curiosity got the better of him, and he swam far enough to reach a land that was very different from Raintree. This was disastrous. He was soon taken captive by some itchy-palmed investors from The Pit and advertised as some circus freak in Moonstair. This is the largest number of people Zokishi has ever seen. While he could speak with them, he chooses not to. While he could kill them with the flick of his wrist, he chooses not to. While he could easily escape, he chooses not too. Why? Zokishi has never been to the circus and it will surely be a curious experience. But he sure does hope to see his humble home again.


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