Art Torsion

The awkward place between a mad scientist, mild sociopath, and lighthearted prankster.


Firesoul Art Torsion was a bad guy for a bit. More of one without reason. He caused trouble to cause trouble. Call him whatever you’d like: a vandal, a terrorist, a criminal––he just tested out his experiments and was just a little bit of a sociopath, or at least had no regard for whoever was affected by his explosive concoctions. He “lost” his parents as a teenager, and was pretty much raised himself. They were criminals, so what lessons he did learn while they were around were usually ones of moral ambiguity. They were in and out of prison frequently enough. When he was 13, he up and left to live on the streets after they didn’t come back for a few months. Their whereabouts are unknown to him. From then on, he cared for his research, he cared for his tinkering, but little else. He favors the form of scorpions for his creations on practically a whim. They are foreign creatures, much as he appears to the rest of the world, and they are fragile but deadly.

He changed his ways because, well, he got bored.

Now a true neutral, Art has heard of fabled blueprints to build/assemble artifacts and create incredible things. Seeing as how he has nothing else that’s keeping him around, he searched for a fortuitous situation or a group of people to adventure with.

Ideas for Alchemical items:
-Some sort of wire that can activate an alchemical item (we’ll settle for explosives if it makes it simpler) as far away as the wire stretches. Also make sure the wire can be activated by Twinned Flames
-A stationary bomb with larger burst.
-Perhaps a molotov-like bomb that spreads flame
-Alchemist’s Fire in powder form. The trigger would be the particles becoming excited when thrown or blown
-Longer-fused Clockwork Bombs. I’m talking ones that last minutes or count down from a d20. Still detonate on a 1/6 chance though.
-Alchemist’s fire in different forms. Inside hollowed out book (when book opens, solution contacts air), in hollowed out portions of mundane objects “sealed” to the ground/a surface (when item is disturbed or picked up, solution spills out of bottom), etc. Essentially, explosive booby traps.

Art Torsion

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