Names: The Platinum Dragon, The Canary Keeper

Exarchs: Kthalama, Dragonborn Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

The Platinum Dragon has endured a lot of hardship in the recent Renewals. However, he has managed to hold a place of power due to his chivalry and charisma. Those who serve Bahamut are extremely devout to his cause, and though he has lost many followers, he has gained many more drawn to his reputation for justice and courtesy.

Most of Bahamut’s losses are at the hands of the Chromatic Queen, Tiamat, Bahamut’s blood-relative. It was she who played her hand early in the current Renewal, forcing others to defend against heavily imbued chromatic dragons. However, Bahamut countered her attacks with strategically placed Metallic Dragons, leading to mass destruction across the continent. Thousands died at the hands of the dragons, and it led to the death of the deity Pelor.

After this earth-shattering event occurred, Bahamut saw that the sheer havoc wreaked on the land could not continue, and he approached the Mystic to bargain with it. Bahamut would offer all of his metallic dragons to be imprisoned if the chromatic dragons were trapped as well. And so, Bahamut’s Curse silenced the land of draconic roars, suspending them in Time indefinitely. As such, Bahamut and Tiamat both have become weakened, allowing other deities to flourish rather than perish early.

He believes in truth, justice, and pride, extolling courage as stength and cowardice as weakness. He actively protects those he holds dear and even those who may not be aware of his presence. He fights most actively against Tiamat, his literal other half. At the birth of the world, both Tiamat and Bahamut were one: Io. Io, though a powerful deity, was prideful, and chose to fight the primordials by himself. Power though he was, he was cloven in two by an especially titanic monster… but up from the halves sprung Bahamut and Tiamat who for the first (and perhaps the last) time fought together against a singular foe. They triumphed, but soon fell to infighting. From their blood sprung the dragonborn and the true dragons. Since then, the two deities hold each other in especial enmity.

Though the Platinum Dragon has weakened, Bahamut’s exarch still holds active sway in the world. Kthalama, a platinum-scaled dragonborn, holds a high position in the Nimbury court, though she rarely holds one position for long. She is the High Protector, the physical manifestation of Bahamut’s shielding wing and the last surviving Heaven Knight. After sacrificing herself to save hundreds in the final Battle of the War of the Crystal Star, Kthalama was crushed into the ruins of the collapsing continent. Golas, bound by oath to repay Bahamut’s favor, exhumed the broken body of Kthalama and presented her before the Platinum Dragon. Bahamut shed a single tear, bringing the fallen hero back and imbuing her with a coveted Platinum Scale. Ever since, Kthalama has crusaded with courage throughout the land, fighting oppression and serving as a divine champion and source of wisdom. And wherever Kthalama goes, a single golden canary follows her, perched on her shoulder or flitting about her head.


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