The current Mythryn has three continents, each of which are connected in some measure to the others.

Urdonn is an idyllic continent home to rural landscapes, rolling hills, and forests of deep green. This continent was considered completely secure until 12003 TC. Since the Green Nation has become panicked, and its defenses may not be able to hold for long against the sudden appearance of monsters.

Tuliaut is considered the mainland of Mythryn. It connects the other two continents, and it is the biggest of the three. Historically containing vast dynasties and empires, Tuliaut has fallen into some disarray. It was settled in 0 TC, and is considered the eldest nation by the humanoid races. Civil strife and outright warfare is not uncommon here.

Nankar is a continent completely unexplored. Considered frontier by adventurers and anathema by everyone else, Nankar sports the wildest terrain, the greatest mystery, and the gravest danger of the three continents.


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