The Gods of Mythryn won the war against the Primordials for a price, and they’re fighting a seemingly eternal war as a result. Here will be a listing of the Gods and their condition in world affairs as of 12018 TC.

Asmodeus: The Tyrant of the Nine Hells: Tyranny, Devils

Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon: Protection, Chivalry, Metallic Dragons

Barumah: The Lightbringer: Life, Creation, Humans

Corellon: The High Star: Arcane, Archery, Eladrin

Dia: The Whispering Moon: Temperance, Balance, Loyalty

Erathis: Lady Law: Civilization, Technology, Warforged

Esmer: The Elder Moon: Generosity, Love, Art

Golas: Brother Earth: Earth, Stability, Goliaths

Grayle: Brother Flame: Fire, Spirit, Performance, Gnomes

Galchmei: The Hawk of May: Strength, Sun, Vengeance

Husk: The Ashen Prince: Rot, Venom, Disease

Krykk: The Corpse King: Manipulation, Undeath

Lolth: The Spider Queen: Deception, Treachery, Drow

Medi: The Dreaming Monk: Wisdom, Knowledge, Dreams

Melora: Mother Nature: Nature, Elves

Mirdon: The Twinned Prince: Redemption, Ingenuity

The Raven Queen: Mistress Death: Death, Shadow, Fate

Rubi: The Howling Moon: Passion, Anger, Action

Shev: Sister Sea: Water, Patience

The Storm Child: Sister Storm: Lightning, Destruction, Chaos

Synnis: Sister Sky: Wind, Travel, Halflings

Tiamat: The Chromatic Queen: Greed, Domination, Chromatic Dragons

Torog: The King Who Crawls: Torture, Depths, Pain

Xephis: The Phantom Blade: Violence, Madness

Yuga: The Timekeeper: Time, Cycles, Seasons


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