Names: The Earth Brother, Rock Steady

Exarchs: Darius, Goliath Male

Alignment: Neutral

Golas is the oldest of the five children of Melora, and his element is earth. Stubborn as a boulder and four times as resilient, Golas neither yields in an argument nor in a fight. He is reputed to shrug off pain with little to no problem, even taking a direct blow from Xephis himself. Instead of disintegrating upon contact, he regenerated at the same rate he fell to pieces. His creation, land, has mirrored his resilience. But scars are not something that is new to Golas. Though he managed to protect his family from Xephis, he still harbors the marks of the conflict to this day thousands of years later.

The greatest concentration of Golas’ followers can be found in earth-based primal religions or in the fortress mountain of Adaman. Goliaths and Dwarves generally revere him as a creator or at the very least an effective role model. Golas values those who put themselves on the line, who do what must be done, and who fight to the very last. His exarch, Darius, was a Goliath fighter who purged a mountain of Hobgoblins bent on diseasing the earth. Darius frequently is seen upon a Bulette mount… that is, when Darius is seen. He spends most of his time underground in communion with his deity.


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