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Before I begin, here is the Registry of Players. If you’re not listed here but want to play, feel free to drop me a line… and if you’re already playing, you should be listed here. If not, create your own page in the Registry. It is a Wiki after all!

The world of Mythryn has been in existence for millennia, but it has been separated into time periods called Renewals. A Renewal is the equivalent of the beginning of a game of chess: the deities place their pieces and begin. A new world is created. Each Renewal is separated into Time Periods in which a world-changing event occurs. At the end of a game, appropriately called Endgames, Mythryn is consumed yet again by the primordials, who return the world to raw elements. The gods collect what pieces they can, and start again at the next Renewal if they can survive the Primordial onslaught.

The current world of Mythryn has now been in existence for 12008 years according to Calendar of the Timekeepers. The deities themselves have been waging war for quite some time, with dynasties rising and falling. Races and Classes of individuals have waxed and waned, each holding their own place in history. Legends are made, heroes are born, and worlds are created—as well as destroyed.

The denizens of the world, especially humanoids, have had difficulty with exploring the entire world. Two of three continents have been explored, with settlements, peoples, and legends. However, the third continent is mysterious and unknown. Adventurers have spent a millennium trying to explore it, but to no avail. Although most of the world is explored, Mythryn is still a dangerous place, subject to the ripples of the gods’ tactical moves. If any God could take control of Mythryn, they could surely emerge victorious in the Game.

Despite the conflict in the heavens (and hells), most people are not aware the game is in progresses. In other planes of existence, however, it is immediately apparent, since the deities have far more reign over the planes than the world. Some players may seek to turn the tide of the Great Game in favor of their deity, becoming exarchs. Others may dedicate themselves to confronting the Mystic himself and ending the game. Still others might wish to become players of the game themselves, ascending to deityhood. In fact, they might even ignore the game altogether. All of these and more destinies can be achieved in Mythryn. Just remember… every move has a consequence. In a world governed by chess-like warfare, tactics are everything.

Main Page

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