planes of existence

Mythryn itself offers much adventure to new adventurers. However, as the players become more powerful, they might find themselves in completely different realms than the one they call home. The planes are a hotbed of deity activity. The gods can control their realms far more directly than the world, and tensions, if not outright conflict, is inevitable. The Blood War has resumed between the demons and devils, Bane and Kord vie for dominance over the battlefield, and Bahamut and Tiamat never ceased to fight tooth and nail. Even Erathis and Melora strike out against each other, both unaligned.

While the planes are a dangerous place for adventurers, they offer far more about the mystery of the game. While the world feels the ripples of the chess players’ decisions, the planes are subject to the source. It is said by the sages that the future of life is set in the planes. What that future is will be for the gods- and the PCs- to decide.

Here are the major planes at stake in Mythryn’s Great Wheel

The World: Mythryn, a world uncontrolled by the Deities.

Astral Sea: A sea of stars, containing many of the deities themselves. From the high towers of Celestia to the depths of the Nine Hells, the Astral Sea has felt grave impacts from the war.

Elemental Chaos: Here is where the bringers of the Apocalypse sleep, amidst the explosions of flames, shards, and sparks. While the Primordials sleep, the demons, slaads, and elementals wreak havoc in their stead.

Feywild: An enchanted echo of Mythryn, this plane mirrors Mythryn in a stunningly beautiful light at best… and bewitchingly twisted at worst.

Shadowfell: A sinister echo of Mythryn, this plane evokes dark images of Mythryn. The souls of the dead travel here to be judged, but beware dying on this plane. Your corpse will not stay put for long.

Far Realm: A realm of undiluted madness, the Far Realm defies all reality, rendering unprepared travelers insane. To this day, it is a plane unfathomable.

Demiplanes: From the Plane of Dreams to an Archmage’s personal respite, Demiplanes vary. Some Demiplanes even exist within the Planes themselves.

planes of existence

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