The business of races has been ignored for a very long time. As a historian, I see it as a challenge to delve into the histories of the Races of Mythryn, telling from a racial standpoint. As a Human, however, I dread such a task. It follows that oversimplifying a race in one’s mind oversimplifies (and as such narrows) the mind. Therefore, I will attempt to speak of races in as objective, detached terms as possible. Whether I have that ability remains to be seen. However, I wish to make this clear: every race has its exceptions. While many racial cultures cluster around a central point, it would be ludicrous to presume each and every member of a race adheres to such a narrow, uncomplicated set of behaviors. People are never uncomplicated. In this work, I will expound upon the patterns commonly found in racial cultures, as well as over 10,000 years of history. In closing, do not see this work as a book of law… think of it as a work of philosophy. Argue with me. Challenge this work. Do not take what I say as fact… but in the end, even if you do not agree with my observations, I will have helped you understand the Races of Mythryn in a way you would never have known otherwise. ~Kerrek Thomas, Resident Scholar of the Nym High Library












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