Time Periods

The Dawn of a New Age in the Great Game is a momentous occasion. It is considered a blessing and honor to see an era close and a new one open. Even the long-lived elves and eladrin rarely see the Time Prophet Alacrity pass judgment upon a new age. Prophesized by Alacrity of the Timekeepers, a new age is given a name and a vision at the dawn. Here lie the prophecies of a single in countless Renewals.

0-100 TC: The Age of Sun’s Dawn

101-2380 TC: The Age of Twin Tombs

2381-4010 TC: The Age of Garden’s Promise

4011-5890 TC: The Age of the Iron Fist

5891-8030 TC: The Age of Autumn Rain

8031-9999 TC: The Age of the Crystal Star

10000-12002 TC: The Age of Towers Fallen

12003 TC-Present: The Age of Cerulean Blood

Time Periods

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