Power Source: Arcane (Leader)

Bards are perhaps the most eclectic class in the world of Mythryn. I would consider bard the most amorphous class, both flexible and variable in definition. Like the class’ definition, the members of the bard class strive to be flexible in all ways. Many bards seek to dabble in as many skills as possible, becoming jacks of all trades. However, all bards center their arcane spells around one central focus: music. Bards embody music, and music embodies life. Such is the only tenant of the lives of bards. ~ Dominick Redding

In Mythryn, Bards have customary benefits.

Hospitality: Bards are usually well-liked if they are performers. Small towns particularly await the coming of a bard, and offer free food and lodging to those who would give a good performance.

Ambiguous Social Class: A Bard operates well in both the world of nobles and the urban underworld. A bard is always welcome in a noble’s court, and a thieves’ guild never questions a bard in their presence.

Bard Organizations are few and far between, as many bards prefer an organic lifestyle rather than order. However, some of those dedicated to the Virtue of Valor are likely to loosely subscribe to some organizations.

By Alma Mater

Silknote Bardic College: The oldest bardic college, located in Nimbury

Pendragon College of Music: A campus located in Raurolon

By Interest

The Order of the Barbed Harp: A guild of bard vigilantes

The Masters of the Leaky Mug: In this guild, it’s easier to lay low…

The Bravo Guild: A prestigious group exclusively of top performers


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