Power Source: Martial (Defender)

Fighter might seem like a mundane term for someone who can swing a sword or carry a shield, but you’d be hard-pressed to describe any of a Fighter’s exploits as mundane. Not a single ounce of magic goes into his hammer’s blow. No divine channeling augments the sting of his blade. The forces of nature play no role in the thrust of his spear. And yet, the fighter makes his blows just as deadly. Through self-discipline and practice, the fighter hones his skill into an art form. To watch a true Fighter is as beautiful as prayer and as dramatic as any spell… and in the end, a fighter’s success can only be attributed to himself. ~ Dominick Redding

In the world of Mythryn, Fighters have some customary benefits

Notoriety: You’re no ordinary brawler, and people know it. You might be famous and have a fan club. You might be feared, and no one will dare risk your ire except for good reason. You might even be invited to Gladiator matches or be challenged every so often.

Endorsement: Some smithies may be so impressed by your level of achievement that they give you discounts on weaponry, so long as you tell people where you got your merchandise.

Fighters have a variety of organizations, some of which are more open than others. Well-known Fighters are readily welcomed on the streets, and some are challenged in friendly duels. However, a Fighter with a fearsome reputation is likely to be given a wide berth.

By Interest

Whetstone Enterprises: A gladiatorial guild that specializes in performances

By Weapon

The Order of the Three Spears: A club of elite fighters, preference for spears

The Fullblade League: A club of elite fighters, preference for swords

The Crimson Cudgel Society: A club of elite fighters, preference for hammers

The Dagger Draw Guild: A group of two weapon fighters and rangers

By Races

The Defender’s League: A group primarily of dwarf bodyguards

Cult of the Silver Scale: A society of underground dragonborn vigilantes

The Turathi Marauders: Lethal tiefling guardians of Sharrn, used to pain

The High Nimbury Elites: Preeminent veteran unit of Fighters, usually human

The 1st Barkskin Unit: Elven shock troop unit, specializing in quick blows

By Gods

The Hammers of the Soul Forge: An order of paladins and fighters dedicated to Moradin


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