Names: Brother Flame, The Fire Lord

Exarch: Singe, Tiefling Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

After begetting both Golas and Synnis, Melora gave birth to twins: Grayle and Shev. The Fire Lord’s emergence into the world was by all means explosive; he ignited the entire forest in a storm and sent fireworks into the sky. His life only mirrors his birth. Of all of the Gods, Grayle is perhaps the most dramatic and explosive in emotion. He has a mischievous sense of humor and a sharp wit, and even if he comes across as deadpan, something nearby is exploding violently.

Grayle is quick to act and consumptive in nature like any fire. He has no patience for stupidity and a thirst for knowledge. However, his interests quickly change and his attention is anything but focused. He displays a passion for anything he puts his attention on, and he loves performance above any other deity. The firestorms of Grayle, occurring without warning result in captivated audiences. Grayle is at least generous enough to not torch mortals unless he has a mind to. His temper, though, is legendary.

Singe, Grayle’s current exarch, is a trickster and coerced circus performer. In a show, he was fully engulfed in fire, but survived simply due to Grayle’s favor. The show resulted in the destruction of the entire circus troupe and their property. Singe walked away from his former life and into legend; however, he still harbors a spark within him that renders his clothing ashen, a memory of his past trials. He wanders the countryside amused, currying few followers except the eccentric.

But no one can resist one of Singe’s legendary shows, renowned across the planes. One has not occurred in Mythryn in centuries.


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