Power Source: Arcane (Controller)

Absolute focus. Unwavering dedication. Limitless patience. These are the traits of the archetypical wizard who spends a lifetime mastering the arcane art. Through diligent study, the wizard commits spells to memory, taking controlled doses of arcane power from the formulaic Demispell. To a wizard, restraint is a virtue all its own. The class’ unique powers come from self-control and meticulous study. They have capacity to subtly manipulate the Demispell’s formula without simply unleashing gouts of energy. With a simple change of variable, a wizard can defy gravity, breathe water, immobilize armies, and call down meteors from the sky. Wizards are never born; they are made over the course of a lifetime. ~ Dominick Redding

Wizard organizations are perhaps the most prestigious groups, very selective and exclusive. All wizard organizations are very official and extend invitations only to the preeminent wizards of the world. To be in one of the following societies is a badge of merit worthy of respect in any social circle.


Council of the Archmagi: Most prestigious of all arcane organizations

Scholar of the Owl Eye: A group of wizards dedicated to anthropology

The Crimson Magi: Highly interdisciplinary and inventive wizards

By Alma Mater

Tantorr University of Wizardry: The oldest wizard college, located in Sharrn

Poranyr University of Arcana: A prestigious university in Nimbury

Lutharo Peak Collegiate: A university with strong abjuration programs in Hieros

Rineheart Conservatory: A university with a strong cold power focus in Snowhorn

By School of Magic

Order of the Crystal Mirror: A guild of summoners and conjurers

The Lutharo Untouchables: Powerful abjurers with years of training

The Chameleon Magi: An eccentric group of transmuters

Cult of the Open Grave: Underground society of necromancers

The Shadowcraft Society: Society of illusionists

Society of the Six: Diviners dedicated to the six senses

By Element

Order of the Winter Wolf: A group of cold-element casters

Order of the Impending Storm: A group of lightning/thunder casters

Masters of the Surging Flame: A society of fire-element casters

The Black Magi: A prestigious society of acid-element casters

The Cult of Arachnida: A society of poison-element wizards and darklocks

The Force Missile League: A group of force-casters studying applications of magic missile.

Order of the Unbending Mind: A league of psychic-casters called Mind Mages.


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